A case study about the hack on Sony Pictures Entertainment in 2014. This video was presented for the "Human Aspects of Cybersecurity" class at the University of South Florida in the Spring of 2020

A phishing email was the starting point for the whole attack, where one of the employees had the same credentials for both his apple account and Sony internal network

Once this loophole was accessed, an SMB worm tool was deployed to gain backdoor access to transfer documents and wipe out the machines

Sony Pictures Entertainment Hack | 2014

A detailed presentation on how to perform Pass-The-Hash attack on a network of computers. This video was presented for the "Hands-on Cybersecurity class at the University of South Florida in the Spring of 2020

Pass-The-Hash is a common issue in internally connected networks, where all the login credentials on that particular machine are stored in the memory. If the admin privileges are accessible, we can extract the login credentials of all the users who used that particular machine to login to their account.

This video also gives some tips on how it can be avoided

Pass-The-Hash Demo Presentation

A project using AWS RDS (Relational Database System) with an EC2 instance as a web server and creating a web page to enter data. To view the whole project step-by-step click the below button

AWS RDS - EC2 integration

An interactive website designed from scratch especially for the International students in Gujarat, India titled "ICCR Champs". The website was hosted under the domain name "".

This was my final year project during my undergraduate studies and was graded AA. I worked alongside 4 other International students namely Himarsha Jayanetti from SriLanka, Mbuyi Biselele Espoir, Sarah Kindombe, and Ruth from the Democratic Republic of Congo, to provide exposure and a safe haven to the new International students admitted to various universities across Gujarat, India.

The website was officially launched at the ICCR Graduation ceremony for the International students, close to the end of our 4 year undergrad studies in India.

(ICCR : Indian Council for Culture and Relations, was our undergrad scholarship provider)